“”"Create It”" Stone Age Art: Petroforms

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We went ahead and started the school year out right..  where better than with… the Stone Age!  I have decided to teach according to a timeline starting out early… in prehistoric times to be exact.

I brought in a big bucket of stones and put children into groups explaining that we would be making mini-petroforms in class.  Students had a blast making miniature stone structures and each had to tell me what their petroform symbolized.  Was it a burial ground?  A landmark?  Did it align with the sun or moon?

Each week, students will have a hands-on “Create It Project” correlating with the art era that we are covering.  In tune with that idea, music class will match up with a  ”Play It Project” also from that era.

I will be including worksheets and photos from every week.  Starting here, now!

I have also made printable explanations of various art techniques and pictures for a memory game at the start of class… to make sure that everything we learn over the duration of the term stays quick in their minds!




Background/Memory Cards

Stone Age Art – Cave painting

Stone Age Art – Petroforms

Stone Age Art – Petroglyphs

Stone Age Art – Prehistoric Sculpture

“I learned…” Mini Book Page




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